The Band

Here is a short description of the bandmembers. We found each other after the release of the single Make It on My Own by Allan Bach. It was love at first sound. Feel free to go follow Allan Bach on:




Allan Bach Himself It is Allan who has written lyrics and music for the 2 songs you’ve heard so far. And no worries. There will be a new single in the beginning of 2018.





Here we have Allan. He is the lead guitarist in the band. If you come to his house you will see walls filled with guitars. There is simply a guitar for every occasion.






The keyboard player Allan, masters all kinds of keyboards, both piano, organ, synthesizer, accordion, etc. He knows all about composing sounds that might not be heard immediately, but would be missing if not there.





Our bassist Allan, rumor has it that he shares a bed with his bass. In order not to steal all the limelight, he has to sit down and play.






Here is Allan. He is the drummer in the band. He is so crazy about drumming, that the other guys in the band sometimes need to hold him back.